Gutter Repairs





Why is Gutter Repair necessary? 


Roof repair needed

Eventually, the lifespan of all guttering comes to an end. To prolong the life of your guttering, regular gutter servicing is essential. This will give you the optimal lifespan for your gutters. But even the best-maintained gutters will eventually deteriorate and require replacement. 

Treating Early Gutter Rust.


Gutter replacement can be postponed in the earlier stages of gutter deterioration by taking steps to slow the rate of deterioration through a gutter repair. When rust first starts to form as surface rust it can be treated with rust inhibiting paint which will greatly delay the rate of deterioration and give a good extension in the lifespan of your gutters. It is important to prepare the surface correctly and to use the right paint for the situation.


Treating Advancing Gutter Rust.


 The next stages of rust formation in the roof gutters are more difficult to slow down significantly but can be helped greatly 

Gutter dented needs to be repaired

through a gutter repair. This is because the rust has already eaten through the surface section and has thinned the metal. As the rust progresses, eventually small rust holes will appear in the gutter, dripping water onto the surface below. Without prompt gutter repair, the problem will continue to worsen. It is also possible for rust holes to form on the inner wall of the gutter which allows water to leak onto the fascia board, which can promote wood rot. If not taken care of in a timely 

manner, the added expense of facia replacement will most likely be added to the costs of gutter repair or gutter replacement which are already mounting. When the rust holes in the gutter are quite small, they can effectively be filled with purpose-made silicone, applied in the correct manner and after the proper surface preparation. 

Treating Advanced Gutter Rust. 


Once the rust in the gutter is very established, the rust holes will become larger and the areas around the rust holes will become weakened and unstable. At this point, the gutter repair options become fewer. Sealing the rust holes with silicone, if the rust holes are still small enough for the silicone to bond over, would only be quite a short-term solution as the metal to which the silicone is attached is itself rusting away quickly. By this stage in the gutter’s degeneration, it is time to seriously consider gutter replacement. If the budget isn’t quite there for gutter replacement, or the timing is simply not right, the inevitability of gutter replacement can be delayed for a period of time through the final stage of gutter repair. This involves applying purpose-made butanol tape to the rusted areas of the gutters. Butanol tape has a very sticky underside to adhere to the metal surface of the gutter, and a shiny silver top surface to allow smooth flow of water over the repaired gutter area. To give the byute tape an even better adhesion and a longer lifespan for the gutter repair, a purpose-made butanol glue can also be applied to the underside of the byute tape to form an even better and longer lasting bond to the gutter’s surface.


 Experiencing leaks from gutter joins?


Leaking gutter needs gutter repair

Other than leaking through rust holes in the gutters, you may also notice leaking from gutter joins. Gutter joins are typically sealed with silicone, and over time the silicone may perish and the join will no longer be sealed, allowing water to leak through to the surface below and onto the facia to which it is attached, once again promoting wood rot. The gutter repair option for this scenario is to reseal the join with a purpose-made silicone, applied using the correct technique and following the proper preparations. If a gutter repair is not undertaken promptly, the issues of water leaking to the surfaces below and through to the fascia board and promoting wood rot may not be the only issues of concern. Water and debris will sit in the now exposed gap between the two lengths of gutter and promote the formation and acceleration of rust.


Are your gutters sagging?


Sometimes you may notice that a gutter is sagging downwards. This is usually due to one of the gutter support brackets failing, either due to excessive weight in the gutter due to too much debris build up or due to the gutter bracket having rusted through. A sagging gutter will hold a greater volume of debris and water, increasing its weight significantly and putting further strain on the remaining gutter brackets. This can lead to the danger of the gutter, heavy with debris, falling to the ground. This can cause damage to whatever is below, or serious injury to a person who may happen to be below the damaged gutter at that time. Gutter repair ought to become a top priority. Even without the gutter falling, the build-up of debris and constant dampness will quickly promote the formation of rust in the gutter and the pooled water can also become a convenient breeding location for mosquitoes and other pests. 


Let us take care of your gutter repair issues.


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