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Optimal Gutter Maintenance or Replacement 


Bad rust time to replace guttersWhy is Gutter Replacement necessary? 

Eventually the lifespan of all guttering comes to an end. To prolong the life of your guttering, regular gutter servicing is essential. This will give you the optimal lifespan for your gutters. But even the best maintained gutters will eventually deteriorate and require replacement. 

What is the typical lifespan to expect from roof guttering?

According to anecdotal reports, the expected lifespan for a well maintained gutter is 20 - 25 years. If the maintenance on your gutters is quite regularly and thoroughly, that lifespan can be extended considerably. If your gutters are not maintained at all, or left too long between services, that lifespan can become much lower.


How do you know when your gutters are due for replacement?


Some of the signs pointing to the need for gutter replacement are very obvious, such as rust holes, bent or dented gutters, or falling/drooping gutters.Rusting gutter maybe its time for a gutter replacement

 Some issues may not be evident from the ground though. The extent of rust within a gutter can only be established fully by viewing it from the upper side. Although your gutter may not have rust holes, it can be badly rusted and greatly weakened. Regular gutter maintenance services will keep you updated on the condition of your gutters and prevent unexpected issues such as falling gutters or gutters leaking onto the facia board and causing rot. The replacement of an old gutter with new guttering can be postponed in many instances through gutter repair. For more information on gutter repair options, please see the link on this website to Gutter Repairs.


Which gutter brand should you use for new guttering?


Unless requested to find a different supplier, Gutter Trash only installs genuine Colorbond guttering and roof sheeting. This is because of their 50 years experience in this field, and the testing which is undertaken to create a product which is best suited for the harsh weather conditions experienced in Australia. Their product is made to a high quality control standard, and comes in the choice of either plain zincalum (uncoloured metal finish) or in a variety of colours which are factory baked onto the zincalum to offer aesthetic appeal and to give greater protection to the metal surface. 


Let us take care of your gutter replacement needs. 


Gutter Trash can take care of all gutter replacement needs, whether it be replacing only a section of your guttering, or replacing your entire roof guttering. We can give a fixed quote for the job and save you from risking your life and limb to save a few dollars to do it yourself, as well as provide peace of mind that the gutter replacement has been undertaken by an experienced tradesperson with full height safety certification, public liability insurance, and all of the correct tools and materials for the job.