Roof Cleaning




Why should you consider roof cleaning? 


Roof cleaning in progress

Over time roof surfaces accumulate a layer of dirt and bird droppings, and also support the growth of lichens, algae, and moss. In addition, if regular roof maintenance isn’t carried out, leaf fall on flatter roof surfaces or along the gutter line can break down into the soil over time and support plant growth. This build up not only makes the roof look dirty and often unattractive but can cause damage and accelerate the deterioration of your roof surface, whether it be metal or tile. Lichens and other parasitic algae growths attach to the roof surface, and in so doing remove the protective sealant over both tile and steel roofs. Once the protective coating is damaged or removed, roof surface deterioration becomes accelerated. Tile roof surfaces become porous and the absorption of moisture greatly weakens the tiles, leading to the risk of breakage and consequential damaging roof leaks. Steel roofs will start to show signs of rust, leading over time to rust holes which again allows water into the ceiling, causing damage. 


Roof cleaning is an important factor in roof maintenance, and can greatly extend the lifespan of your roof. Roof repair can be quite expensive, and once issues start arising they will often continue to worsen. Roof replacement is a very large expense and will cause great inconvenience while the work is being undertaken. 


What is removed during a roof cleaning service? 


Build up of leaf matter on the roof can be removed during regular gutter maintenance services, which will minimise the effect of that build up, but the layer of dirt, bird droppings, and algae growth will remain and promote accelerated deterioration of the roof surface. In order to minimise the effects of this buildup, regular roof cleaning is recommended. Regular roof cleaning will not only remove the dirt, poo, and algae from the roof surface but will also restore the appearance of the roof surface to its former glory.


Roof cleaning in the housing market.


Before and after roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is especially recommended for those who wish to sell their house or find tenants to rent their investment property. A roof cleaning service before placing the property on the market or listing it for rent will help to restore the lustre of the roof surface and greatly improve street appeal as well as making the roof look a lot newer than its pre-washed state.


 Roof cleaning for the proud homeowner. 


For most people, their house is the greatest asset which they possess. As a valuable asset, it is important to maintain the house, including its roof. Through regular roof cleaning, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof by removing the elements which accelerate its deterioration. As a result, roof cleaning can reduce the repair costs associated with deteriorating roof surfaces. And if nothing else, for the proud homeowner regular roof cleaning services, will help to make your castle look the best it can at all times. Book a service now using our online form for a 5% discount.