Roof Repair




Why roof repairs are sometimes needed. 


Rusting roof needs some roof repair

As with all man-made things, roofs have a limited lifespan and in time roof repairs or roof replacement will become necessary. Regular roof maintenance can help to ensure that your roof maintains its lustre and that it lasts up until and beyond its expected lifespan. Eventually, though, regardless of how much care is taken to maintain your roof, it will begin to deteriorate and develop problems. At this time either roof repair/restoration or roof replacement becomes necessary. The costs of roof repair/restoration are very much lower than the cost of roof replacement and can add a significant amount of time to the lifespan of your roof, delaying the need for roof replacement.



How can you know when your roof is due for roof repair? 


For most people, their roof is mostly out of sight and they may be completely unaware of any roof issues or damage needing roof repair until they see the resultant damage caused by leaks through the roof or falling materials from the roof. When you have a gutter cleaning service with Gutter Trash, you will receive a written report on the general condition of your roof surface. For tile roofs, this includes the condition of the ridge capping tiles; pointing; roof tiles; valleys and gutters. For steel roofs the report will inform you about the condition of your barge rolls/flashing; ridge capping; roof sheeting; roof screws; valleys; and gutters. With regular gutter servicing carried out by Gutter Trash you will be able to monitor the condition of your roof and be aware of problems which are developing which may require roof repair before they become larger problems which can often lead to more expensive roof repair costs as well as the possible expense of repairing damage caused within the house or its surrounds due to leaking water or falling objects. 


What roof repairs may be required on a tile roof? 


The roof repair issues which are often encountered on tile roofs, other than rusting valleys  andBroken tile needs a roof repair 

gutters, are cracked or shattered roof tiles or ridge capping tiles or the deterioration of the tile pointing. Pointing is the mortar-like material which effectively concretes/bonds your ridge capping tiles to the roof tiles. As this pointing cracks and breaks up, the capping tiles are no longer held securely and may allow water to leak into the ceiling, and under strong wind may blow from their position, creating an opening in the roof and exposing the ceiling void, as well as creating the possibility of dangerous flying objects in strong winds which can cause damage to property or cause seriously injury or even death to people or animals which are hit by the flying objects. Prompt roof repair once issues are identified can prevent these dangerous and damaging consequences.

What roof repair issues may be required on a steel roof? 


The roof repair issues with steel roofs are primarily associated with rust. As the protective surface of the steel roof sheeting deteriorates, it ceases to effectively protect the steel from the weather and rust can start to develop. Likewise, scratches in the steel roof sheeting caused by falling or rubbing tree branches can expose the unprotected steel and promote the development of rust. In addition, roof screw heads will often start to rust over a period of time, and they may have a lifespan which is significantly shorter than the steel roof sheeting which they secure. As the roof screws rust, they can lose their strength and integrity, weakening their hold on the roof sheeting which they are supposed to secure. In addition, the rusted roof screws can make contact with the roof surface and this then promotes rust transference from the roofing screw to the roof sheeting. 


Roof repair options for tile roofs. 


Roof repairs are far cheaper than roof replacement and can extend the lifespan of your roof for a significant amount of time. Cracked and chipped roof tiles can either be repaired using a purpose-made roof silicone applied in the correct manner, after the roof surface has had the correct preparation, or can be replaced with new roof tiles. When the roof pointing starts to break up or is already coming off if the affected areas are isolated the damaged areas can be repaired with new pointing. Once the disintegration of the pointing becomes more widespread it becomes necessary to re-point the entire roof. 


Roof repair options for steel roofs. 


Roof repaired done by patching the roof

If there are only small and isolated areas of roof steel affected by early stages of surface rust, they can be treated with rust inhibiting paint. On a plain uncoloured steel roof this is often only a solution for parts of the roof which cannot be seen from the ground, as the roof repair will most likely stand out due to the colour of the rust inhibiting paint. On coloured roofs, the rust inhibiting paint can be painted over with a paint matching the roof colour which will help to conceal the roof repair. If the affected areas are more widespread, a roof restoration may be needed. As rust advances and small rust holes begin to appear on the roof surface they can be treated with purpose-made roof silicone to seal over the rust holes. This type of roof repair should only be seen as a short-term solution. A longer-term roof repair solution and the best solution when the rust holes have become too large to cover effectively with roof silicone is the use of butanol tape. Butanol tape is a purpose-made material for roof repairs which has a very tacky under-side which adheres to the roof surface, and a shiny silver top surface which allows the water to run smoothly over it. To increase the durability and longevity of the butanol tape, a purpose-made butanol adhesive can also be applied during the roof repair to the underside of the butanol tape to give an even greater level of adhesion. On a plain zinc-alum/steel roof, the silver tape will stand out a bit. On coloured roofs, it is best to paint over the butanol tape to help it blend into the roof surface and not stand out greatly. Once the roof rust is too advanced, or if you wish to bypass the hole patching procedures of silicone or butanol tape, the entire affected roof sheet/s can be replaced with new roof sheeting. Gutter Trash uses only genuine Colorbond roofing materials. Book a service now using our online form for a 5% discount.