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gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

More than 90% of the plants in the background were taken from gutters which I have cleaned. Varieties include:- Moreton Bay Fig, Port Jackson Fig, Lily Pily, Poinciana, Jacaranda, Leopard Tree, Frangapani Tree, Umbrella Tree. Various palm trees, Succulents, Ferns- and  others which I can't identify... 😉  

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gutter replacement

Gutter Replacement

Debris and all manner of dirt can literally wreak havoc in your gutter; when this happens, you might have to consider gutter replacement which can be very expensive. To this end, maintaining the integrity of your roof and gutter is the best way to go. Gutter Trash is a professional service that will help you... 

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gutter repairs

Gutter Repair

Gutter replacement can be postponed in the earlier stages of gutter deterioration by taking steps to slow the rate of deterioration. When rust first starts to form as surface rust it can be treated with rust inhibiting paint which will greatly delay the rate of deterioration and give a good extension in...

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roof repairs

Roof Repair

As with all man-made things, roofs have a limited lifespan. Regular roof maintenance can help to ensure that your roof maintains its lustre and that it lasts up until and beyond its expected lifespan. Eventually, though...

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roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Why should you consider roof cleaning? Over time roof surfaces accumulate a layer of dirt and bird droppings, and also support the growth of lichens, algae and moss. In addition, if regular roof maintenance isn’t carried out...

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