For all work other than gutter cleaning, quotes can be provided upon request. For gutter cleaning though, the pricing is as below.

Pricing for gutter cleaning :

Due to being a small one man operation at this stage, I am able to offer very competitive pricing because I eliminate a management structure, middle men and many overheads. It does however also mean that for gutter cleaning I am unable to provide quotes because the time taken to travel to the job site and assess the job consumes a great deal of time and that lost time must be made up for in a higher hourly rate. Instead, I offer a low hourly rate and a site fee of $40 with a minimum job time of 1 hour. My hourly rates for gutter cleaning are:- 

- $100/hour for highset houses/ structures

- $80/hour for lowset houses/structures

- $90/hour for split level structures

All rates are inclusive of GST